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About THX-1099

Hi I’m THX-1099 but my PS4 username is EPIC_sspazz. I’m a PS4 platform only player. I’m not toxic usually im more the quiet kid i like Fortnite and Minecraft and im an up and coming player in Call of Duty Warzone. I dont want to talk trash cause i am new but im looking to grind my ass off to become the new Up and coming King of that game. im looking to be the General Manager for a clan that wants me I am also very gifted (Not actually gifted but really good) at Financial business such as handling money and team management so if your team has a open spot at General Manager im open to apply!. I dont use discord or any other social media platform so Email will do, I am also a effing GOD at Splitgate. I am also the type of manager who gets shit done and can be pretty stern to get that shit done. So i usually am really dedicated and focused on the things i need done, I usually find it hard to be able to do things chill and slow i need it done and done now. 

Games Played