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Team Strive

About Team Strive

We Are Team Strive! An up and coming team founded and ran by owner, Strive Elliot. We are a well established Fortnite roster however due to our inspired and dedicated management we aim to dive into multiple other competitive games in the esports industry.   Our Discord - (This is where we communicate with our community the most The rest of our socials -   ABOUT US:   Founded in April 2019, Elliot had one goal in mind, to grow his team beyond limits he could even dream about. After having good amounts of progress in his first 6 months, the team went into 2020 with big hopes for the success to continue. And with that, Elliot and his management team got to work. By the end of 2020, the team started to become a respected roster, with crazy amounts of people inside AND outside our community complimenting how good the roster had become, and how far the roster had come.  Which brings us to now, 2021. This year, we want to take all the success we've had and multiply it by 100. We aren't here to mess around, we are serious about going all the way to the top. And by the end of 2021, we hope to look back at this year and understand that this is the year everything changed for the better..   WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN:   First things first, we are one of the most supportive rosters out there. We are a family, as most teams do. However, what makes us different than most you may ask? Well simple, we do our own thing. We want to MAKE paths, not follow ones. We want to be unique, do things different as that's what's so fun about growing a team, and we would love for you to be a part of that. Secondly, we are blessed to have not only hard working, dedicated owners, but experienced ones too. We are fortunate enough to be ran by no other than Kernow. Kernow's hard work in the esports industry has led him to go on and sign to no other than Team Kungarna. As well as working with Chronic and 1x. Kernow is one of the most experienced people you can get, and will play a HUGE part with taking Strive to the next level. Kernow will teach you how to get YOUR name out there and gain you the knowledge and experience to start your OWN career in esports. So what are you waiting for? Is that not enough? We don't believe you, so come join the most underrated teams in the community.