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Multiple ESAs: Things to Consider

Looking to have more than one emotional support animals? While there is no official law or policy that clearly states how many ESAs a person may have, there are some important factors that you must consider before bringing Coco or Kitty a companion.

Besides all the differences, there is one thing that is common for all the ESAs. No matter how many ESAs you want, you will need valid and genuine ESA letter for it. Before moving forward, ask for an emotional support animal letter sample to check it thoroughly.

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Important things to consider before bringing more animals into your house are explained below.


1. Responsibility

Having a single ESA is a lot of responsibility but you need an ESA letter for housing for it. You need to look after it just like a kid. They need your attention and they are totally dependent on you for everything. Before bringing in more emotional support animals, think realistically if you could bear this responsibility.

Many therapists suggest that you should not have more than a single animal and this could largely be due to the person’s physical situation. Physical situation or not, think carefully if you could bear and fulfil this responsibility.


2. Your Housing Situation

Living in a farmhouse and living in an apartment or a rented property are entirely different things. There are fair chances that your landlord does not allow you to keep more than one ESA and also its emotional support letter.

Since you will be responsible for your animal’s behavior, you must be realistic and wise to decide if your place could house this many animals. If your house is small and can hardly accommodate a small dog or cat then don't try to force your landlord and yourself to do otherwise.


3. Budget and the Required Finance

Once you bring in the support animal letter animals, your work and responsibility will not end here. Managing one animals requires hefty budget and the cost skyrockets when you plan to get multiple emotional support animals. Make a budget and add food, medical care, grooming cost and other expenses in it.

Besides the cost, they will need more efforts and energy also.

Do you think you could manage all this and keep your ESAs healthy and happy, all together? Do you have applied for an emotional support dog certification? If yes then go ahead but if you doubt then it is better to be happy with Coco or Kitty only.


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