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ESAs in the Workplace: What do you Need to Know?


Need to get an US service dog registry. Having an emotional support animal is different than having a service animal. A service animal is a specially trained dog or a miniature horse that performs a special task for its owner.

A service dog could steer the wheelchair, be a pair of eyes and ears for the blind and deaf person or someone who helps a person move around easily.


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An emotional support animal is different and, unfortunately, having an emotional support dog letter is not enough to take them to your workplace. If you wish to take the animal with you, you have to speak to your boss and explain to him the reasons you want your ESA at workplace.

If you get the permission then congratulations and rest assured that your ESA dog or any other animal is going to benefit your office colleagues also.


1. They are Perfect Stress Busters

You know how your ESA letter dog , cat or rabbit calms you down. This calming effect is equally beneficial for your colleagues. An office environment is quite stressful and employees often could not function properly because of this stress.

Having your ESA at workplace will help you and your teammates stay stress free and motivated.


2. They Promote Interaction

There would be some people in your office who do not interact with you much. Reasons could be several like being in different teams or simply being shy. Your ESA could be an effective icebreaker for this and we all know how good dogs especially are in bringing people closer and promoting interaction among them.


3. They Improve the Company’s Image

Since the advent and rise of emotional support animals and animal rights, companies that allow animals like cats and dogs into their work premises are perceived positively. However, these animals requires an ESA letter for housing. Animals have a natural tendency to calm our senses.

You can make your office’s environment more welcoming and progressive by allowing these buddies in.


4. They Reduce Employee Turnover Rate

Employee turnover is one of the most distressing things for any company. Finding and training an employee that may not stay for long is a total loss. Allowing ESAs into the workplace solves this problem by attracting the animal owners.

Besides, allowing ESAs will also ease the overall office environment and help the staff stay positive and happy.


5. They Improve Employee Performance

This is especially true for pet parents and emotional support animal letter owners. Allowing them to bring their animals at work will decrease their anxiety of caring for a pet and worrying about their well being. When they could bring their ESA with them then they could work properly.

Other than an ESA owner, having animals like dogs at workplaces destress the environment, which improves the employees overall performance. Furthermore, now you can apply for an ESA letter online.

Animals at workplace is an unlikely sight but having them there offers a lot of benefits.


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