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About JazzBagPipes

I can be found playing D2 several evenings a week and at weekends on UK time and am looking for a clan with regular groups to help me run Raids and team-based content in Forsaken. 

I had a small clan with a few buddies but they mostly stopped playing after CoO and we never got to raiding. I've been actively playing pvp and pve throughout Y1 using lfg for nightfalls and recently got a taste for the raids which I'd like to do more of in Forsaken with a more regular group. Running raids with randoms from lfg felt... harder than it needed to be. 

I'm currently c395 on all classes, happy to use whatever subclasses and weapons suit the encounter, happy to help new/returning players through content where I can and share knowledge where appropriate.

Happy to also raid with inexperienced players if like me they are prepared to put in the time to learn.