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About imStormer

I have a 2.5 K/D and 45 wins on Warzone while playing with Friends who aren't that good, but hey, they're my friends so its okay :). My K/D on Multiplayer is 1.7. I've been playing COD for 8+ years (currently 20 years old). I have 1 thousand hours on CS:GO and tried to go Pro when I was 16 but fell short due to me and my teams abilities. However, due to that experience I have amazing game sense and strats. I am usually at the top of the Lobby when I play multiplayer and I usually have the most kills in my squad on Warzone. I'm trying to join teams, but the players don't show too much potential and have bad game sense. I want a team that can still win a round of S&D after I die. I want to join a competent team! I hope that I can be an asset to your team and make it better! Hit me up :)

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