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Fidelity Esports

About Fidelity Esports

:purple_circle:Fidelity Esports™️ is a professional esports organization based in the United Kingdom. :purple_circle: Built at the intersection of competitive gaming, Fidelity Esports™️ was founded in 2017 by NickJSykes, the former owner and representative. After retiring from competitive play, Ex-Manager Harry received ownership of Fidelity Esports™️ as an outlet for his passion within the Esports Industry. :purple_circle: In its first two years, Fidelity Esports™️ competed in multiple esports events in Call of Duty, obtaining sponsorships from various 3rd parties. :purple_circle: Fidelity Esports™️ is an organisation that is FULLY FUNDED by its owners. :rocket: Our Mission? To compete at the highest levels of Esports, become a household name and indulge success as a family.