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About Fearthewise

~Welcome to the Fearthewise official thread~ Fearthewise is a clan founded on the principles of Teamwork and Friendship. Looking forward to do the Raid/Nightfalls/Quests with all of you and get all the loot we can hold! There are no entry requirements for joining Fearthewise, we only ask that you contribute to our Clan level by just playing the game as you would. You are encouraged to actively engage with other members on our social media platforms and come to events whenever you can. Any guests who wish to chat to us are welcome to do so. We also encourage non clan-members to attend any events they wish as well! ¤ PSN:Rockhardent ¤ Based in USA ¤ Clan Members: 6 ¤ Twitter: @Fearthewise ¤ Facebook: ¤