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About bioshocker


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Who Are We? 
DG is primarily a PC gaming community for mature gamers looking for banter, laughs and great gaming. We are looking for social or casual gamers, to more dedicated competitive gamers. Our community providing a friendly atmosphere to participate in online gaming with other decent people.

What Can We Offer? 
We aim to offer a stable community for decent, mature/adult gamers. Benefits of being a part of our community (and not necessarily a member of our clan) include;

- Free Public Discord VOIP server
- Relaxed and friendly community
- Coordinated team work in-game
- Regular Giveaways (Game Vouchers/Credit/DLC & Merch)
- Multiple game support for when you fancy playing other online games
- Regular tournaments and events
- Zero tolerance on hackers, glitchers and cheats
- Membership ranking and awards system
- And much more...

We are a very new community and would love to have you on board as we grow, so feel free to join us today!


For more information, join our Discord;