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About Baghdadd27

Krieger Gaming is a dual online gaming community and mental health peer-support group! One of the biggest factors in suicide and depression is a feeling of isolation. We combat that by building meaningful connections through the power of online video gaming. Connections save lives! Established as a charity in 2022, Krieger (German for Warrior) was originally created as a gaming group for veterans & first responders around the year 2009. We kept in touch over the years and came together to create a community that combats the rampant mental health issues that plague our veteran and first responder communities.

Our Motto 'Acta Non Verba' Stands for Actions Not Words.

Our Core Values:

  • Honor: I shall not lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate any who do.

  • Respect: I shall treat everyone with respect and compassion.

  • Devotion: I shall help those in need to the best of my ability.

As a Gaming Community, we’re laid back and team oriented, focusing on enjoying the game while playing to win! We are a no-drama group organized loosley like a military unit, and made up of mostly military veterans [US and NATO] and first responders. However, basic membership is open to all like-minded individuals! We have members on all major consoles and platforms, and across multiple times zones in North Americn and Europe. Additionally, our primary games are COD: Modern Warfare II, Destiny 2, Diablo 4, and Halo MCC / Infinite, but we have an ever growing list of other titles our members play! If you like a game, chances are someone else in Krieger does too!

Do you need to talk to someone? Buddy Check is our in house peer-support program that is available for free to all members of Krieger Gaming! Staffed by dedicated volunteers trained in Suicide Prevention and Intervention, Buddy Check is available 24/7 on dedicated help channels. Whether you just need to let off some steam, or discuss something more personal, we've got your back!

Furthermore, our community firmly stands against the stigmas associated with mental health by maintaining the organization as a safe place to discuss emotional pain and healing. We understand that everyone is different, and everyone must heal in their own way. Whether you choose traditional medicine, spiritual healing, outdoor therapies, or alternative medicines (like cannabis or psilocybin), this is a judgment free community. We also offer an ever growing compilation of resources, benefits, guides, and other helpful information to help improve quality of life for all who need it. You can find these resources on the website, and on our Discord server.

Are you ready to be a part of a community that matters? Join HERE!