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About ArticunoYT

I can be competitive or casual at many games. Games I play are Fortnite, CS:GO, and Overwatch. I might froget some games that i play still but i am good at all of these games. In Fortnite my Epic Games username is Mystic Articuno. I am a clan leader and i could recruit or join a clan. I play on Pc for all of these games. I also sometimes play on my PS4 Overwatch. I have a discord. My discord is Mystic Articuno#0821. Also my Xbox gamertag is thegoldenman349. My Steam is ArticunoYT if not then it is Mystic Articuno. My PS is thegoldenman1230 if not then it is Mystic Articuno. I do not play on Xbox but i have the app on my PC. It allows me to party chat with friends on Xbox. I have a Nintendo Switch and if you join the discord we could play different games. My Youtube , Twitch, and more are down below.