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5 Interesting Facts about the Majestic Black Cats


Planning to get an legally register emotional support dog? Black cats are beautiful! In fact, all cats are beautiful and deserve loving families. Cats are rather self-absorbed and not very keen on pleasing their owners, which gives them an impression of being arrogant and entitled.

To bring a cat home, you will have to get a genuine ESA letter. Check a free emotional support animal letter online to be sure that you get a real and valid ESA letter.

Among all the colors, black cats are the least adopted. How many adopted or ESA black cats have you seen? Quite a few we bet. No matter how beautiful and majestic they look, people prefer other cats on black cats. Generally, the reason is that black cats are rather intimidating because of the color of their fur and eyes.

No matter what, these magnificent cats do have some qualities that differentiate them from other cats.

1. They are Halloween Symbols

Black cats are usually related with witches and witchcraft. However, they are required an ESA letter for housing. In the Middle Ages, these cats were believed to be a part of many magic activities and loyal companions for the witches. Following the trend, many people still believe them to be cohorts of evil spirits because of which people are still afraid of it. Say it superstition or anything else, it still exists.

2. They can Improve your Love Life

Besides considered as the witches' cohorts, in some places, black cats are believed to bring fortune in love. In Japan, a single woman who has a black cat receives more proposals than the ones without it. But the women first need to get an ESA registration for her cat. Similarly, in English Midlands, it is considered as a perfect and fortunate wedding gift for the bride.

3. They can Bring Good Fortune

Black cats are considered as a symbol of good luck by sailors and Egyptians. Reportedly, British sailors and pirates used to take black cats on the ships to hunt mice as well as to bring good luck. Pirates went a little far as they believed that a black cat coming towards you is bad luck while if it walks away from you , it is a sign of good luck.

4. They have a Stronger Immune System

As per the National Institute of Health research, black cats got their black colored fur as a result of a genetic mutation. Where this mutation gave them their coats black color, it also makes them immune to certain types of diseases like Cancer, Alzheimers and HIV. That's why it is mandatory to get an emotional support animal certification. This also makes them a perfect vessel to study human diseases.

5. Their Coats and Eyes are Different

Ever noticed how a black cat changes color in sunlight? Black cats come in a variety of colors and the Bombay cat breed is the only known black cat with pure black color. Many cats have tabby or orange stripe genes that are dormant. However, you can see them when your kitty has basked under the sun for long. Interesting!

Black cats are just like any other cats. They are loving creatures who need a family to share its love and joy. Because of this fear of black, black cats are becoming an endangered species as people still believe them to be witches in disguise. Adopt a black cat today to make a difference.


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