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XBX1 Looking for U.K. casual clan


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37, just back into D2, complete most activities each week. Thoigh Haven’t done any raid in D2 yet. Looking for casual U.K. older clan who just want to play and have fun. 



Hello, My name is Jessica and I run 3 clans. I have tons of UK, and other time zones in my family. If your interested please just message me on Xbox, JessBabi


Saw you were looking for teammates for Destiny 2. Our friendly, mature gaming community has started a company dedicated to playing Destiny 2 and would like to offer you a spot. We also have companies for MHW, Overwatch, the Division, Diablo 3, CoD, and PuBG. So you 'll never have to game alone again! Must be 17 and have mic. Come check us out by going to Or message if you have questions, glad to assist.