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Wolves of Amarok is Recruiting

Listing Information

Wolves of Amarok is a multi-platform and multi-gaming casual community that was established on November 4th, 2017. Over the years we have created an environment for like-minded gamers to join a gaming community that builds lasting friendships on their favourite games. 

We pride ourselves in uniqueness and individuality. We are more then just a group of friends, but a family that supports one another in their goals. Whether those goals are helping better each other in game play, or trying to make a name for themselves in the gaming world. We respect your decisions and help you reach your full potential. 

That being said, Wolves of Amarok is a casual gaming community that has two distinctive sides.

  • Community Sector- an area for our members to be a part of our ever-growing family.
  • Ranking Sector- an area for our members to join our community to rank-up and take on more responsibilities within our community through a military ranking system. 

Although, we are a casual community, we do welcome competitive players who wish to join and build their own competitive teams with their friends in Wolves of Amarok. 


  • 12+ for Junior Squads. 16+ for Senior Squads.
  • Working Microphone. We enjoy being able to communicate with our members! 
  • Discord (Mobile or PC) This is our main source of communication.
  • 1,000 Gamerscore (Xbox) 25-30 Trophies (PS4)
  • Not a part of another clan/team/community. This is out of respect for those communities as they have dedicated hard work into finding their own recruits


Wolves of Amarok is sponsored by many different companies some of them are:

  •  Tzar- Our merchandise shop for all your WoA needs!
  • GameStop
  • Fatal Grips
  • Fade Grips
  • Rogue Energy
  • Into The AM
  • Reload Focus + Energy Formula
  • Chairs for Gaming



If you wish to join our community please fill out our joining application linked to our Official Clan Page.

Let us know a little bit about you, what platform and type of clan you are looking for today! We look forward to hearing from you.

Please remember, Wolves of Amarok reviews applications on Monday's, Wednesday's, and Fridays after 2pm eastern! Those who meet our requirements will be contacted as soon as possible.


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We look forward to hearing from you!