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Why You Should Join Elude Gaming

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We are giving away 10$ for free!!!! All you need to do is follow our instagram and join our discord server. Once you have done those you just wait until we reach 1000 followers on our instagram and we will host the giveaway on our discord :)

Have a great day

It would mean a lot if you would UPVOTE our page!

-StreetCard {Owner}

Yo Dudes!

Elude Thanos here!

If you want to join a cool, toxic free Fortnite Clan, just hop onto our discord and get tried out. We support all platforms and host server tournaments with cash prizes and competitions like zone wars, clan wars, 2v2's e.t.c. We are sponsored by Rogue Energy and Fatal Grips. Hope you guys have fun on the server! (We also have a minecraft server)


(Fortnite) If you're interested in joining our clan, or just chill out, you can click on the discord link and be instantly put in our server.

We recruit people using RC'S and CLIPS ON SOCIALS. If you want to have a chance at getting into our team you can do either of these and use the tag #eludefn. That way we will notice you!





We are sponsored by Rogue Energy and Fatal Grips






Business Email: [email protected]


We have a minecraft server that, if you just don't feel like playing fortnite, you can hop onto the minecraft server to play Minecraft!

Don't forget to upvote and tell your friends about the clan!







3rd Sep 2019 - 12:29pm

The blaster itself is very overwhelming and huge, particularly given that it's pressing 40 froth rounds. farthest shooting nerf gun The twofold given weapon will cost $69.99 when it's discharged in the fall. We're keeping every single more seasoned kin in our contemplations and supplications, and simply recollect, it's most likely just a stage.


14th Aug 2019 - 1:06am

Hey, I am looking to join the clan to go to the next step in gaming. It looks like a great clan I really like what you guys are doing for the clan :)