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Why You Should Join Elude Gaming

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This is Elude Gaming!

 Elude is a clan which focuses on players who has passion for this game and that can perform really well. We accept ALL players into our community and ranks but only the best of the best in our eSports team. We have ranks to set your skill level so you can queue up with other players at your skill level. We host Zone Wars often and have fun nights with .io games and Cards Against Humanity sometimes. We are a fast growing and active clan and have 300+ members in our community. We offer free GFX and have VFX Editors as well. We are NA and OCE. We also have people searching for duos so if your looking for a duo then Elude is for you!

Sponsors : FatalGrips and RogueEnergy

Email: [email protected]




14th Aug 2019 - 1:06am

Hey, I am looking to join the clan to go to the next step in gaming. It looks like a great clan I really like what you guys are doing for the clan :)