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VIDDragons E-Sports

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We are a (PC ONLY) E-Sports gaming team... We are VIDDragons. We want and are willing to make your (Pro Gaming Dreams) come true. We know what you need and we know what we need. We know you need a team, We know you need a stable and reliable organization that can fund things you need for example... Tournament fees overlay logos and most importantly a set salary. But.. what we need from you is a great, mechanically gifted, and communicative player. That has to be you. If your not into that sort of thing then you can apply to be a staff member, a streamer/content creator, or even an animator for logo design and stream overlay and intros as well as video editing. Anyway, the point is what you need we have in this organization. So... Go to our discord, apply and check out our community. I'll see you there.

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