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TurtleService looking for console clan

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Hello 👋

TurtleService here looking for a console fortnite clan. I'm an adult, mature gamer looking for a like minded team. Fortnite is my first TPS and its taken awhile for me to adapt but I'm starting to come into my own.

Mostly a solo player but I do enjoy duos and squads. I communicate well and have overall good team work.


Season 8

Solo = 1.59 K/D with 19 wins

Duo = 1.35 K/D with 19 wins

Squads = 2.07 K/D with 15 wins


Season 9 

Solo = 1.9 K/D with 1 win 😒

Duo = 1.4 K/D with 0 wins 😅

Squads = 1.80 K/D with 1 win🤷‍♂️


Generic responses will be ignored. Thank you!