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Trying to find a clan that will be a good fit



3rd Jul 2019 - 10:37pm

Hey RAWZOM, i dont know your expectations are but click on my icon to see more information


17th Jun 2019 - 9:07pm

Hey there!

I'd love for you to represent GGXR! We are a relatively new clan based around players helping each other to improve and have some fun while we're at it!


Hit me up with a DM if you wanna play a few games!

Alex(J4c3_h YT in game)

Clan name_Recon

13th Jun 2019 - 4:11am

Come join ElipTic. We are a small clan so you will get more of the dedication you need in order to succeed. DM me on Instagram @team_eliptic



12th Jun 2019 - 1:13am

Realm of Myths is a multi-game multi-platform and multi-region community. We have a staff team who has dealt with groups of 2000+ Fortnite and Call of duty competitive teams. We will be opening up one more competitive team in the near future if our other two do well. Our only requirements to join are to be 13+ and have a working Mic. We currently have many staff positions open. For more information or any questions contact co-owner RedMystikFox#5515


12th Jun 2019 - 12:58am

If you want to join a clan with 4 members and get respected join storm add me on xbox to join TWITCH IMSOBLAK is my gamertag