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TGB Recruiting AGAIN! (Australian)


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>> TGB is Recruiting Again! << (AU)

We are an australian RUST clan who have been long running since mid 2015. We have been featured in several raid cams from many YouTubers such as VERTiiGO and riZZa. We hope you take the time to apply for our clan!

>> - Application Requirements - <<

Must be 17+

Minimum of 2000 Hours

Pull your weight with farming

Decent Mic

Willing to take orders without question

Mature attitude

Need to be an active player

Respectful in chat and in game voice chat

- FAQ -

What server do you play on?

We currently play on [AU/NZ] Stevious 2x Large | Vanilla as a casual PvP/Raid focused group.

Do I live with you on trial?

Yes, you will live with the group with full access to codes and all parts of the base.

Can my friend's build near you?

No, if you have friends outside of the clan they will be treated like any other player.

What is considered an active player?

Anyone who is online during peak periods and is on during wipe.

Are trials considered slaves?

Everyone is expected to pull their weight regardless of their position in the clan, new recruits however need to understand they must prove themselves in many ways, not just with farming.

What type of person fits in well with the clan?

Someone who is honest, has a sense of humour about themselves. Also dedication and loyalty are highly favoured attributes

I've applied what happens now?

If your're interested please join our discord, listed below. Use %apply in the #applcation-log channel.

We expect all applications to meet all requirements although some exceptions can be made. If not met you will Not get a response. If you do meet all requirements, we will contact you on steam or discord if we are actively recruiting at the time.