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Team Octane


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Welcome to Octane a new and uprising Gaming Organization looking for Overwatch players, COD Warzone players, Fortnite players, Content Creators, GFX/VFX Designers. We exist all across the globe, but have our strongest presence in North America. We are fun, mature and structured - a tight-knit community that feels small and personal but large enough to make grouping up easy. Whether you're a casual or competitive player, we've got you covered. There's plenty of playful banter here, but we do not tolerate toxicity.

Team Octane Base Requirements To Join:

- Must be 13+

- Must have a working microphone

- Must play on a PC, PS4, Xbox One

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Official Merch:

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How To Join?

Enter our Discord, to become a member. Please make sure you have installed the Discord app before you click this link: