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Syndicate Vandals Now Recruiting


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Syndicate Vandals


The Syndicate is a community with different branches in games. With 5k members, we are looking for games to expand for our players to better find a group/friends to chill and play with. With the system we have Valorant is not a part of our branch clans right now till we get enough active members who play it. We have many other games and branches of clans that you can join if not just Valorant you play or wish to play.



Join which is our server and head to the #discord-role-setup and react to role #1 which is the comrade role. Once it is an official branch of the syndicate it will have its own role as Vandal. Use the #valorant channel to play and talk of valorant.



There are no requirements to join all you need to do is come in and play/talk Valorant.

We are not hardcore comp players. Everyone is welcome to join and play val here. Unranked, comp, spike, DM, or special 5v5 games are all welcome. We do not make you do anything.



Talking and posting valorant stuff in the #valorant channel will make it an official clan down the road. You are also welcome to use any of the other channels and not subjective to just #valorant.

If you want more details or more information @ me on the server Rebore or just DM me Rebore#2819.