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Stat1c clan!!!!!

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We are a competitive and non competitive clan, we play a variety of popular games. We accept all platforms! We aren’t toxic at all and we are all very good! We are a 10-18 age range, although if players are skilled enough we will accept lower that 10.




15th Jul 2020 - 10:39am

Hi I’m Thomas I’m 15 years old I'm not toxic unless you're toxic to me.

For clips check out my Instagram @disabledthomas   

Platform: Playstation 4 Games: Rainbow Six Siege 

Role: I enjoy playing Hard breacher but I can play anything, except shield.

I'm down to play to a role/game plan.

My Rank is Gold 1 for Steel Wave I'm trying to hit plat 3 at least.

I would love to play in small time tournaments I would love to play scrimmages and win a small bit of money but just tournaments for fun.

My callouts are okay there are some rooms I don't know but i'll do my best to give you the information needed. I would love to play scrimmages   

My PSN is DisabledThomas-