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Start a new clan for Casual and Competitive players

Listing Information

[ACTIVE 9/24]

Started a new clan, LIGHTHAUS [LTHS], and looking for casual and competitive players alike.  Preferably folks 30 and above (all persons welcome) . Clan is currently in state of Open Call until further notice. Invite only after first 20.

A bit about TALA: 

31y. Guardian  since D1 as a Hunter main. Play style ranges on activity and group. Led a clan of 40+ members until Red Legion arc under the name Order of Osiris (Ranked system with casuals allowed as well)

General code: 

- No Weird behavior - Help others however 

- [Active/Competitive guardians] For those looking for a consistent group to run with, message me once jointing

- When you decide to join, be sure to add admin and send a message into Gen. Chat introducing yourself.  (More formal intro form added later) 

See you all on the other side of 

The Final Shape