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"Sorry, you missed again..."

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Hi. I'm a long time West Coast PC gamer with a huge collection of games. I don't like to stick to a single game- I like to hop back and forth between different games, depending in my mood (Or I might play "Russian Roulette" with my game collection. I normally prefer "Action games" (FPS, TPS, combat sim, etc.) over strategy, side-scroller, or racing games, but again... it depends on my mood. That makes it really hard to nail down a single game or two that I play "all the time". I do really prefer co-op/PvE games to PvP, so please keep that in mind. I also play many more games than it allows me to add, but games like Killing Floor 2, Payday 2, etc., just aren't on this list (WHY?!?!)


Outside of gaming (Wait...there's more to life than gaming ?!?!?) I also love making fractal art, cooking/baking, and hanging out with friends.



True Rebellion

22nd Feb 2022 - 12:30am

We'd love to have you join our organization, there are a lot of people to play with and also roles for content creators, competitive players and graphic designers. Your fractal art abilities could come in handy for us. Hit us up on Discord and be sure to use the verify tab when you join.


16th Feb 2022 - 11:34am

Rise From the Fallen is an adult gaming community! We're here to have fun and grow as a whole. Our mission is to help small streamers grow and hit the goals they want to hit with in gaming. We're here to help improve in game play and have fun while being your stereotypical gamer. We all understand that we have outside lives kids, jobs and anything else that may arise.