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SOF TAC Recruiting Now

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Officially sponsored by: Pantopia Hosting
 Pantopia Hosting

We are a Gaming Clan 4 The Growing Gaming Universe,

We believe the fun is in the games and the people you play with.

Some gamers are more HARDCORE and some gamers are all about the LAUGHS 
The Question is which are you?

If you answered one or the other it doesn't matter because here at SOF TAC we cater to BOTH 

You can have fun and play when you can,  be a member of the community of something great that keeps growing, Or you can Dive right into the realism and competitive side SOF TAC

Thats the Beautiful picture we paint here at SOF TAC and have done so for over 10 years REAL LIFE always comes FIRST Gaming is SECOND


-Call of Duty Cold War 

-Call of Duty MW

-Call of Duty Warzone 

-Arma 3

-Battlefield 5

And So many more ...  


SO If you wanna join a Family,
A group that hold the standards and goals of a professional gaming brand.
We are Always Growing and moving forward and we cant wait to have you on Board.

So my question is do you want to know more? 

If so come check out our discord 

We have lots of Staff that are willing and Able to Answer All your Questions!

Also Feel free to check out our Social Medias:








15th May 2021 - 11:42pm

I was looking for a community to join and must say I think I found the perfect fit. Awesome vibes, you'll feel at home.