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SMG Clan is Recruiting

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EST 2018

Our doors are now officially open for Call of Duty Cold War players!

Supreme Masters Gaming (SMG) is now looking to expand their member base for Call of Duty Cold War, we are looking for people to join our community who are friendly, non-toxic, enthusiastic and active. Our members enjoy the benefits of our highly organized community which features, events, giveaways, tournaments and a large amount of members to game with. The aim of the community is to have fun and interact with other members, while building your skills either in game or trying a new thing like streaming or content creation.

To join you have to meet our requirements and complete and complete an evaluation period (around 14 days).


  • Must be over 18 years of age​

  • Must have a working headset or mic to communicate with​

  • Must join our discord server and use it as the main form of communication between members​

To join just head over to our website and fill out our application form.

We look forward to seeing you on our server.

SMG Co-Founder