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ShorttyE - Everything you want in a terrible player


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Hi Folks ! I am a 33 year old PC gamer from the UK!  - Been gaming since I was around 5-6 years old. 

I used to love playing in the old Ghost Recon communities (the original game), I am looking for mostly just fun folk to hang with in Call Of Duty MP and WZ, but also happy to dive into serious competitive stuff when needed. I am only recently getting back into K&M gaming so I am quite rusty so feel free to hurl the abuse my way!

I am mainly over on Cold Wat at the minute until we get access to MW2

I also stream over on twitch under the same name if you wanted to say hi and put a name to a face first! - Let's just have a blast.



4th Feb 2023 - 12:19am

Hey there fellow UK gamer!, Old school like myself, I'm 37 now and likewise been gaming from an early age, fell in love with FPS games since Quake & Unreal.

Now run a small humble community of like-minded guys and girls different ages but mostly our age group. Nice relaxed environment, good fun, good laughs, good banter. No commitments necessary, we all have real lives and jobs/kids/college etc to deal with, but getting together randomly and playing some good games is what it's all about.

Feel free to drop by our discord, break the ice, tell us your most embarrassing moment, and then join the fun, madness and laughs!

Hope to see you around :)


25th Sep 2022 - 1:59pm

Hey, we are a new gaming laid back clan if you fancy joining. A few of us play COD and planning to get mw2