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(SG) Looking for Destiny 2 XB1 Clan


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Looking for Xbox One Clan from Singapore (UTC +8)

I’m a PVE focus player, aim to have fun and nothing less. Frequent on Friday & Saturday.

Crucible isn't my type of scene, but i'll still play a game or two just don't get mad at me being a Scrub.

Do DM me if you’re interested.



Level 25



27th Dec 2017 - 8:31pm

Hey, Huntress416 here, I am the Clan Admin of the clan Purple Helmet Gang for Destiny 2 on Xbox One. I have known the founder for 10 years. Currently we have 40+ members and are still growing. My clan is made up of competitive and casual players who are down to do just about anything from crucible, to the weekly Nightfall, to the raid. We are on all different times of the day in different time zones. If you’re wanting to join just join with your friend and I can review you so you can join us. Please message me on Xbox – Huntress416 if you are interested! 

Please be over 18 years old with a mic, thank you!


23rd Oct 2017 - 10:59pm

Fireteam frieza is recruiting if you're looking to do weekly nighfalls and raids. We're not form Singapore, we're from the U.S. Message LordNelson45 or Klaypex Elite for an invite. We'd be happy to have you.