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Secret Raid Club recruiting


Listing Information

The Secret Raid Club is a mature(ish), UK based Xbox clan with a focus on PvE, particularly raids.

The Clan was formed on 5th July 18 by a group of UK players that were united through Destiny.


The founding 7 members of the clan (the admins) have routinely played together since D1.

We spend the majority of our time together in Destiny learning and perfecting raid encounters and strategies.


We're a sociable group of mature players who regularly raid and run various other activities together,

Currently we group up 3-4 times per week in the evenings for various PVE activities with the main focus on the newest raid activity (Currently Spire of Stars).


Secret Raid Club is currently OPEN for recruitment and looking to add a small number of players into the fold to allow for regular scheduled activities without the need for the LFG lottery.

If what you have read so far interests you and you want to learn more we can be found on Discord. here -->

On joining you will be placed in our recruitment zone and can type @Admin to alert someone to your presence.


What we expect from you:-

-Must be 25+

-Must be regularly active in game

-Must be chill, friendly and sociable

-You should have a solid PVE record