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Searching for a clan



2nd Jul 2020 - 4:47am

we are organizing a team, it is a project that we have wanted to do for some time, there will be an audition, we have both a discord and an Instagram page and every time someone enters this will be announced on insta, we will be maximum 10 and compete at the highest levels


16th Jun 2020 - 6:17pm

Hi, I am the owner of the clan Crossf1re. We want you to play in our clan.


13th Jun 2020 - 3:53am

Looking for a clan/community?

About TG
Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and from multiple platforms (consoles, PC & mobile), to provide them Head Quarters (web site) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics, as well as providing them with an environment that allows a “friends-first” experience in the online community.

Why Join Tactical Gaming (TG)?
Our experience has shown the average life expectancy of a common clan is about 3 to 6 months. Our community has been around since 2004 with members from around the world and our structure will allow us to expand if/when the need arises.

Like-Minded Gamers
Tactical Gaming is not for everyone and the different phases of our recruiting process enable us to find like-minded gamers.

Active Gamers
Tactical Gaming consists of active gamers by having mandatory and optional practices. Bare in mind, we have a “real life first” mindset.

Different Type of Gamers
We have found there are 3 main types of gamers (intro, casual and competitive) and our structure allows us to satisfy each type by grouping them with similar gamers.

Different Platforms
With the notion that so many people share the common passion for video games, part of our mission is to bring together like-minded gamers from multiple platforms (XBOX, PlayStation, PC, and Mobile) bringing down the barriers between platforms.

Different Genres
We aim to satisfy our member’s needs for team-based gaming by having two franchises.

Our Tactical Warfare franchise is for:

  • First/third-person shooters
  • Massively Multiplayer first/third-person shooters
  • Warfare based simulators and more

Our Tactical Adventuress franchise is for:

  • Turn-based and other based strategy games
  • Role-playing games
  • Non-shooter Massively Multiplayer (MMO) games
  • Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games and more

Visit each franchise’s roster for a list of our supported games.

We value each and every member. Whether you show great practice/match attendance or show other qualities such as good conduct, dedication, leadership, teamwork, tactics, and performance on and off the field, our attendance points system and our awards (medals & badges) are there to give recognition to those who have earned it.

Web Team
Our large member base keeps us on our toes by asking for new features and coming up with exciting new ideas. This is where our Web Team comes in. We have a full staff of talented developers and digital media personnel that work daily on projects to keep our sites on the cutting edge of the gaming community.

Feel free to message me or post here for any further questions.

Head Quarters: HERE
About us: HERE

If you decide to join, click the link below



12th Jun 2020 - 10:41pm

hi, team colision here and we are wanting more players for the event (if you read my bio you will know what that is)

anyway we are very competitive players and we only let the top players in of course we can not let you just walk in but we can until the event  (if you read my bio you will know what that is) we take this team very seriously and we love to fun but when it is time to focus we focus 

that is all from me for now

now its up to you to see this message and reply thanks

join our disocrd




7th Jun 2020 - 1:29pm

AceClan.ORG was founded as a Multi-Gaming military stylised clan in March 2019 on the basis that everyone deserves a welcome and friendly atmosphere when they play games.

There are virtually no prerequisites to joining AceClan so long as you are aged 13 or over and willing to get involved, we are an English speaking clan.

We play Valorant! We'd love it if you check out our: