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Scarred Wolfpack Gaming | Recruitment

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 Welcome to Scarred Wolfpack Gaming

At SWG our goal is simple, a casual, active, non toxic space for gamers to meet new friends.

Our server is a casual gaming community, we don’t host tournaments or have teams, we can be categorized as a social server. 

Come Join the Server Here!

The Scarred Wolfpack’s end goal is to grow to become the go-to community for those looking for a non-toxic space to meet other gamers or just make friends. We want to bring our members events, giveaways, help to grow their dreams with things like our content creators program, etc. With more growth and support we can offer you guys more!

Some SWG features:

  • Mature chats for 18+ members
  • Regular Giveaways
  • Premium music bots capable of playing Spotify playlists
  • Game nights
  • Movie nights
  • Unique events
  • Content Creators program
  • Custom private voice chats
  • An LFG for you to find friends to play with
  • Many game roles to support the most popular games
  • Suggestions channel (we actually look at them!)
  • More to come!

Alone you are strong, but together we are unstoppable


Community Rules

  1. Respecting Eachother And Our Staff - Please remember we are all human here. What you say does have an impact on others just like it would in real life. Please respect the decisions the staff make as they are here to help not to target. 

  2. Watch What You SayNo harassment, discrimination, racism or abuse of any kind. This includes slurs of all kinds, homo/transphobia, etc. There is zero tolerance for this, a permanent ban will occur the moment Staff become aware and is also against Discord TOS

  3. Discord TOS - Follow Discord's ToS. Anything that is against Discord's Terms of Service is also against the rules here, such as self-botting, DM advertising, or being under the age of 13. These actions will lead to a ban from this server, and could potentially lead to a ban from Discord as well. Discord's full Terms of Service may be found here:

  4. Self Promotion - You are not allowed to self promote! We have a content creators program at SWG, if you wish to promote your streams you may apply for CC. Self promotion will lead to bans as it takes away from the content creators we have on board and it is not approved by us.

  5. No Toxicity - If a member of staff catches you being toxic, they have the right to ban you from this community. Toxicity includes calling members names, using words intended to hurt or discriminate, Using slurs in a bad way. If also caught trying to hush a member or trying to find a loophole, staff have full right to ban as they see fit

  6. Have Fun! - Finally, Have fun! Let's keep building a beautiful community together! Any issues please do not hesitate to contact the staff members via the bot!


Some important disclaimers:


  • SWG is a mature community featuring mature content. We accept all members 13+, while NSFW content is all contained within our 18+ chats, we will not moderate mature content in general chats such as cursing, mature casual conversation, etcetera.
  • Please keep in mind our staff are volunteers. They can’t always respond to mod mails instantly and occasionally solutions will take some time. When they are around however they prioritize assisting you so you will hear back from them. 
  • We understand a lot of you guys enroll in tournaments, and use our Looking For Group to find teammates to join you. This is okay, and is allowed here. However, we do not allow offering to pay other members to join you. If you make arrangements privately to split winnings or any other arrangements, SWG is not responsible for upholding or reinforcing these agreements. SWG will not step in if these agreements aren’t upheld.




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