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RoV Clan is recruiting


Listing Information

Who We Are:
reaper of vengeance is an online gaming community on multiple devices. We are a fun, laid-back gaming community that welcomes both casual & competitive gamers. We offer an opportunity for any gamer to join us based on maturity and to have fun.

Our Mission Statement:
Reaper of vengeance was founded to gather like-minded gamers from all around the globe to create a fun atmosphere for both casual and competitive gamers with becoming a big clan

Colors of RoV
Our primary colors are Red, Black

requirements to join:

Be mature

age 16+

History of RoV and new stuff
RoV was founded around 2016 on Xbox 360 under a different name and getting reformed in this year of 2019 we had a small amount of members of 50+ members we want to regain that same amount and more we are going to make this a laid back clan for those that are casual and we will make a competitive team for those that wanna do that

gotta join are discord:



11th Jan 2020 - 10:32pm

Hey I want to join the clan again I paid the price please just let me back in my field won't even open because I got kicked



11th Dec 2019 - 4:17am

My name is Daniel and well  I’ve been play games since I was about 6 and the 2 games I fell in love with is Call of duty Modern Warfare and Rainbow Six Siege. I’m trying to be one of the best snipers in call of duty and anyone can say I’m never gonna but we’ll see about that. You can check out my clips on instagram @ FOS_Ups1de_ If anyone’s trying to recruit me please message me on my instagram.     ^^^^^^^^^^^

Lil Miss Rarity

1st Nov 2019 - 6:14pm

I have been a leader in my clan on 360 so i know how to run things i can be board of Directors for you and get things settledthe right way my GT is ElderNativeWolf