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Returning and Looking for Active Ps4 Clan


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Hi there!

I've been playing Destiny since shortly after launch in 2014. I took a brief break shortly after Forsaken and my previous clan has fallen apart. I'm looking for an active clan willing to run activities in the annual pass. I missed out on so much and would love to catch up and run everything I missed to get the completions.

I main a Hunter who's at ~700 depending on the gear I wear. I love playing all facets of the game from PVP to PVE. I really want to find a group that's active and welcoming to a returning player. I'd prefer a clan that uses Discord for out of game chat, as the alternatives (Bungie's app) are pretty poor. I'm 25 with a full time job during the week so playtime is limited to Weeknights 6pm - 11pm EST but Weekends are generally when I can get in 8+ hours each day. Once cross save is released I plan to jump over to PC but I will always have PS4 as an option to run activities with clanmates.

My ideal clan:

  • Mature (21+)
  • Semi-serious (I don't need a clan trying to get world's first but one where groups can actually clear raids)
  • PVP/PVE in equal doses
  • Communicative and friendly
  • Enough active members to get rewards and level throughout the season in game
  • Willingness to expand to PC this Fall

Here is my Bnet profile:



13th Jun 2019 - 3:31am

Hey there! My clan is looking to recruit. We are all adults and understand you can’t live on D2 everyday