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Echo Paddyfroggy

27th May 2020 - 11:21am

Hey bro, we are a very new clan looking for members and would be happy to have you play for us. If you or anyone sees this comment, if you join team Echo now, you'll be one of the founding members once we gain some traction! We don't have much to offer at the moment but we will once we get 10-15 members.


3rd Mar 2020 - 10:34pm

Your Invited!!!

TFA (The Final Agency) is a clan of elite gamers playing for fun, playing at competitive levels, and making content for fans! We are a new clan looking to expand our community and skill level. We offer a non-toxic friendly community and will never change that!

For more information and to apply please go to


29th Feb 2020 - 9:56am

You should check out my clan, it’s called Lemon&Lime Clan, i’m looking for new recruits to join since A)it’s new and B) no one is really joining


26th Feb 2020 - 3:34am

He you Should check my clan awe are lookin to recruit some extra people you look like you would fix with us we love each other’s as brothers and sisters and we are most active clan you will ever find out about thx💙


23rd Dec 2019 - 1:18pm

We are currently under rebranding and recruiting our perfect squad.

We are a Community under Esports. We are a cross-platform squad, so it doesn't matter if you're a PS4, Xbox, or PC player. Everybody is welcome! We mostly play Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty and Fortnite but we  don't mind to have members that also bring other games with them. We are looking for mods and team leaders to coordinate individual squads for each game. If you have what it takes to lead the charge apply within.

In our community you can find people to play with, become friends with, and most importantly have fun with!


15th Dec 2019 - 2:16pm

Hi my name is Sk1llz or Pikaboo,

I am wondering if you would like to join our Team/Clan called Razor. We are a casual and competitive clan. Half of us are in champion league in arena. If you are a competitive player that likes playing arena and scrims this is a great clan for you. We are accepting all NA fortnite players. Hope you make the right decision. For more info search Team Razor on this website.

What's inside: Roles

Average Players,

LFC Upvoter,

Comp academey,

Trickshot Team,

Creative Warrior,

Competitive Team,

Elite Team and much more!


TNX Clan

7th Oct 2019 - 11:00pm



We would like for you to join TNX!!

TNX Clan is a competitive Fortnite clan(and some other games like R6) for all ages. 

We have 4 sponsors and we have esports jerseys.




Content creator





We currently have 15 members in our clan but are looking for about 20-30


You get paid if you stream on Youtube!! (5 to 10$ an hour



Please email us at [email protected]

(This goes for anybody else that sees this comment)


29th Sep 2019 - 12:54pm

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