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Resolute Legacy is looking for Fighters!

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Welcome to Resolute Legacy, Fighter.

Who We Are:
Resolute Legacy is a close-knit, professional and highly organised international multi-gaming family/community. We are highly active, treat people equally and welcome all walks of life be that casual or competitive, we have the experience to aid you in the gaming family/community.


We value loyalty, respect, and mature mindedness within our family/community.

What We Offer:

Resolute Legacy has over 20 years of combined gaming experience, with over 15 years of community leadership. We offer an equal platform for all walks of life, man or woman we have a new home for you. You will be treated with respect, welcomed warmly and assigned to a division upon joining our discord server.


Resolute Legacy provides many benefits to members, foremost a very active and organised family/community to get involved with. Weekly events to attend within your chosen game, and new friends to play with. If you can play an hour a day or 12 hours a day we have a place for you.

About Modern Warfare in Resolute Legacy:


Whether you are new at the game or have been playing since Call of Duty came out, you are welcomed to join the collective.


Resolute Legacy hosts interclan events that can range from 6 stacks to custom game lobbies, from Core to Hardcore, you will always find other members ready with smoking guns.


And because Resolute Legacy is multinational we are active on all timezones.


  1. You are required to be at least 17 years old and mature.
  2. Have a working microphone.
  3. Play at least one of our supported platforms.
  4. Treat people with respect and not toxicity.
  5. We ask for loyalty as a necessity.
  6. No racism, bullying or thirsting of any kind.

Join our community using this discord link -

If you need any help feel free to do a @Chief Bart or send me a DM on Discord (Chief Bart#3392)