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Reeqo From Sweden

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Hello my name is Filip but you could call me Reeqo I’m from Sweden and I’m 19 years young and I love to laugh but most play games and spend time with my girl. I play most battlefield v, insurgency sandstorm, FiveM, GTA, assassins creed valhalla but the best of all APEX The bad thing is that my friends have stopped play and put time on sports like handball and floorball so now I don’t have anyone to play with and I love action games. I usually don’t rage and never rage quit. I hope you have a nice day

my social media to contact me is

DISCORD: Reeqo#4628

Instagram: krullbagge

and my snap that you can contact me faster is filipkindblad



2nd Jun 2021 - 11:48am

I'm looking for active players to join an awesome e-sports driven group (casuals welcome) that supplies everything you need to stop your daily LFG posts. Permanent squad placements, competitive teams, coaching, tournaments ($$$!!!) and daily events. We have more organized Apex play in hours than there are hours in a day. Come join a group of 2500+ awesome, amazing, and active people. Add my discord Rosbashi#4771 to see what we're all about.



30th Apr 2021 - 4:12pm

Hello I'm currently recruiting for a clan its nothing big around 1.5-2k members in global chat and almost 300 in the vc devision if you are interested in joining or you have any questions just dm on discord @Thekillerguy#1230

I know that many of the players in vc play gta and apex too not sure about which cod we have as I don't play cod games