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Recruitng an Empire


Listing Information

HKD is a small established competitive online organization. We compete in many different leagues and online communities for cash prizes and general reputation. We also hold and host Discord tournaments of our own and give away Cash prizes, HKD merchandise, Gaming accessories, and some other cool stuff.

At HKD we take a professional approach to everything we do in ESports, business, and daily matters.
Members of our community and voluntary staff working for HKD is real world experience that can be used to reach future job opportunities and positions.
We shape and mold some of the best players to their underlying abilities.
We prepare people to go onto coach in collegiate leagues, HSEL leagues, gaming careers, and a lot more opportunities in other big ESports organizations. 

We are currently looking to add new members to the HKD family and that is why we are here posting this message for you :)

Xbox One:

Rainbow Six Siege PC: Accepting new applicants (apply within our Discord)
Rocket League: Recruiting 1-3 NEW Applicants (apply within our Discord)


IWH Siege Xbox:
Casual/Ranked Xbox Rainbow Six Siege: Applicants are being accepted (apply within our Discord)

Some HKD ESports Staffing Positions currently needed are:

@Tournament Managers
@Team Management
@Team Coaches
@VFX/GFX Editors
@Content Creators
@Tournament Manager
@Tournament Directors

Currently we are on the basis of growing our community within HKD and we would like to have you with us, we are trying to bring on the best of the best to make up this community so we can all meet the same common goal and reach the top in no time!
Hells Kitchen Demons is a privately run ESports organization that aims to help provide the best gaming experience through dedication and teamwork. HKD grows larger everyday and continues to grow its' ambitions as well! As the group grows, so will the need for a stable financial future! HKD will always be 100% transparent with our finances, and all donations and funding currently go back into growing the community! Our organization is currently community based and community funded, which means management funds everything currently happening around HKD. Our future goal is to establish a payment and or salary plan for all dedicated volunteers & staff with all that being said, there is currently no pay or Salary for any of the above positions at this time.

What We offer at Hells Kitchen Demons

-Affiliate Programs (Personal Discount Code)
-Sponsor Program (We fund tournament entry fees under different conditions)
-Stream Kits
-HKD Premier Leagues
-HKD Discord Tournaments
-Weekly Events

-A well organized and transparent plan to everybody

-We heavily emphasize on VALUE for our players.
-We are growing a family base Corporation and Organization, NOT a basic CLAN.
-We offer opportunities to grow and earn ALL areas of skills.
-We value communication and transparency, Updates, and weekly/daily group chats/team captain updates.

Dedicated and Loyal players
-Mature and responsible (Age can vary with exceptions but we prefer 18+ with 16 being the minimum age to join.)
-Goal catchers and initiators
-Active players
-Non toxic or negative players
-EAST and/or WEST US Players preferred, but we love the whole world here 
-Aspiring players looking to see HKD on top

The official link to our Discord:



16th Jan 2020 - 11:21am



15th Jan 2020 - 7:38pm

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