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Recon Raiders | Looking to get to 100 members

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Link to join the clan:

My go-to character on fortnite is Lexa. I don’t really complete challenges because I’m more so focused on sweating in creative and recruiting kids for the clan.  I’m very experienced at the game and I’m a CRANKER for sure!! I’m still working on my edits because I just switched to a new gaming platform not too long ago. I have excellent aim. When I play the game every day for hours you may think I have aim-bot😂




18th Feb 2021 - 6:41pm

I’m the leader of the Recon Raiders. Join my clan as we RAID the game👊🏽🔥. Currently, there’s 30 people in the clan. Add me if you wanna join, and I’ll try you out either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 

My user: 7xXHolyFlowXx7