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Ranked #200 Global Looking For Competitive Clan (Fortnite)

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Hello There,

My IGN is SoyBoy_TV I am currently ranked #270 Global for squads with a 4,989 TRN Rating. I'm looking to join a competitive clan in Fortnite and feel that I have a lot to offer any Esports organization. I'm also looking to join a team with which I can grow with long term. I'm a non toxic player who emphasizes communication while showing the utmost respect to my teammates. I take Fortnite very seriously and absolutely feel that with a #270 ranking I am more then qualified to compete at the highest level. Please message me here if your clan is recruiting or you can send me a friend request via epic launcher, I'm absolutely open to trying out to see if I'm a good fit and hope to hear from you soon!





22nd Feb 2019 - 6:12am

Ayoo! New clan just starting, its called 821. We are a fortnite clan trying to make a very supportive community (twitch, youtube etc). If that sounds like something you're interested JOIN ON UP FAM:


20th Feb 2019 - 8:15pm

Actually I’m sure u wanna join SBT standing for skinny boys on top of coarse we even have a YouTube and are putting ourselves on many leaderboards or team trio placed top 1% in the trio tournament with almost 24 points on all rounds not to brag. Just search “introducing sbt” on YouTube and you’ll see what we’re all about. Here email me [email protected] for a more personal connection 😉


12th Feb 2019 - 11:14pm

FuZe Fortnite Clan


A gaming community built around experienced Fortnite gamers, popular streamers, GFX designers and editors 


Here’s what we can offer you!

➭ 👥 **Professionalism. We’ve an awesome, supportive staff team;

➭ 🌐 A Media Enterprise. We’re more than just a esports community, our social media presence spans across the gaming ecosystem. Could you be the next thing we talk about?

➭ 🍿 Social Events. We host FuZe Clan Scrims, tfault, Skully scrims and gaming tournaments for the community; 

➭ 🎮 A Professional Gaming Community. We’re home to pro teams of the game called Fortnite.

➭ 📺 A Place for Streamers and Youtubers to Connect. We’re home to Streamers and other content creators. We try to help support big & small streamers; 

➭ 📊 Leveling Systems. With unique roles and other goodies you can climb our ranks; 

➭ 🕹 All platforms are allowed We need you! We’ve unique content and have a home for you here and all platforms are allowed to join.

➭ 💟 And much, much more!


🤝 Partnerships are welcome; 

🔗 Here's our link:

🖼 Our Youtube channel: