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Team Saiyan Re…

12th Dec 2020 - 1:50am

Hello there! I’m a recruiter from my Team Saiyan and I’m here to ask if you would like to join our team/clan. We have a valorant branch and other too! If you want more details feel free to dm me on   Instagram (Team Saiyan Recruiter) or on discord (KDR_Facepalmer#2267). If you would like to join the team immediately click the link.


3rd Dec 2020 - 3:53pm

Hey , If you dont find anything hit me up I might be interested in getting you to join up


30th Nov 2020 - 1:34am

Hey Stroddle, I am Keo from Team X2C would u be interested in coming to tryout for us? The tryout would consist of playing a game or 2 and seeing what ur playstyle is like and seeing if you have good communications.

Join our discord:

-Keo From Team X2C