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[PC][NA] xXShadowBringersXx - 18+ Clan Recruiting.

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Hello Guardians,


Are you hyped and enjoying season of the “Chosen”? Probably tired of dead inactive clans? if so, I would like to invite you to “xXShadowBringersXx”. Our clan strives to be very friendly and helpful to all members and we are looking for ACTIVE players who love "Destiny 2". This clan is not for those to just join and earn rewards with no interactions with the clan, we are like a second family.


We use Discord to interact with the clan and this clan does not focus on just one type of activity but on ALL activities and encourage grouping up and tackle objectives. We have clan events and game nights as well just to hang out and play other games.


We form raid groups and PVP groups as well for Trials of Osiris on a weekly basis. We also have many Sherpas and information flowing through our discord so if you ever have a question or need help with anything there will be someone to assist you.


The rules are that you are 18+ of age to enter the clan as well as ACTIVE in discord chat and in-game. This does not mean you need to play or chat everyday however we are looking for players who are not afraid to be involved with the clan and clanmates. Everyone must be respectful to others and most importantly let us joke around and have fun as friends.


If interested, to join please submit your request to join on and a Discord link will be sent to you via DM on (be sure to check your messages there after applying). Your request will be approved once verified that you have joined the Discord server and you will then be given access to all the channels.



djcliatt2 (Founder / Speaker)