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PC - Looking for a Clan EU



17th Sep 2018 - 10:09pm

I'm the leader of Galvanized Gaming, we're a very new community (5 members) who hope to expand to multiple games. Our current focus is Destiny 2, Blackout, and CSGO. Based in the US, our goal is to make finding a full team to queue with as easy as possible. Ranks are given to players depending on the games that they play so you always know what members are interested in a specific game!


Discord + Mic required


11th Sep 2018 - 6:40pm

TheArtofWarfare Recruiting New Members

    The Art of Warfare (TAW) has a strong and varied background in co-operative online gaming. We are a community of gamers from all over the world who compete together with the spirit of integrity, honor and fair play.

About Us:

    Taw is a gaming community with over 2000members and 30+ games, Monster hunter world is an experiment in becoming a core division in our ever growing gaming community. We are a sub-branch of the bigger community, with our own leaders. To put it simply think of us as a franchise, we control the guild though we get the resources and stability taw has to offer. We offer those players who want a core group of people to play with a home to grow and thrive with plenty of opportunities to expand your gaming experiences. Upon joining you are free to join any of the other games we also offer and speak with members of those other divisions as you please, though once you join a game you're expected to attend the mandatory event times in that division. You are welcome to join other events in other games but that's optional to you. (Full list of games we have to offer visit


  - Team speak

  - Working Microphone


What We Offer:

  - Stability 
    To put it frank in the gaming world clans/guilds come and go as time passes, taw the gaming community has been around sense 2001. We have 2000 members that follows the attendance policy (Will explain during introduction) that creates not just a stable community but an active one.
  - Partying up
    Monster hunter world can be a rough world to play in, having those players that is actively on to help you get the parts you need to advance is essential. Taw offers the help and good communication to help you and others get through the hardest encounters.

  - Communication
    Taw has to offer teamspeak, a program that is paid for just for us. Private rooms available to those who wants to solo hunt or with a party. If no one is currently teamspeak, you can easily get a hold of any member with our website When you join, the taw website links any emails received (yourname) emails to your personal one. Keeping you private and connected at the same time.

How to Contact Us:

    If you are at all interested in TAW, head onto our website for more information. On our website you are able to fill out a quick and easy application to join the guild. To obtain our teamspeak information please contact me Via email at [email protected].