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Paying to join my squad

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What’s is up guys, looking to find 2 competitive players who want to make money in apex legends... primarily looking for guys older than 23 who are thinking about making money and bettering themselves! No BS, strictly business as well as having fun while working our way towards becoming the best in the world... if your mind isn’t on becoming apart of the most dominating squad in the world then please don’t waste my time. I’m looking for guys who can commit to this project and grind it out as a squad, which means, daily practices (showing up on time... because we handle ourselves as pros), having patience knowing that chemistry isn’t built over night, and understanding that we will reach our goal slowly but surely... I main wraith & now octane, I’m a level 86 with over 650+ kills so please be near or better... the most important thing for me is that you are open to growing as a team and a team player above all!! I’m willing to pay on a monthly basis as long as you commit to the long run... once I feel we have what it takes, we will start playing tournaments on the weekend. Attached below will be a discord that I just created where you can get in touch with me, I’ll play with you and if it fits then we’ll make it work, I love super aggressive players (who push as a unit) who are also smart & can stay alive. PS4 only, NA If possible... like i said, SERIOUS inquiries ONLY!! No BS.... we will be the best in the whole world, so if your mind can’t perceive that, then don’t waste my time! Thanks! 

P.s. we'll also get on our YT, twitch & social media grinds as well.. let’s grow in esports!




21st Mar 2019 - 8:27pm

Would you be interested in joing the clan Lucid Boyz Gaming? We already have 4 members and are currently looking for more to join. We already have social media accounts and our names are somewhat out there. Just look for us on twitter or instagram!