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One legged monster

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Hello there, my name is Tyler I am a stay at home dad because I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident two years ago. I am a combat veteran served in Iraq and Afghanistan love to play video games, love to shoot people in the face if they didn’t pull the trigger first. Sometimes I play with the headset sometimes I don’t sometimes I curse sometimes I don’t. Which we all know is a fucking lie! I drink, and smoke a lot of weed so I talk a lot of shit if you can’t handle it get the fuck out of the kitchen! if I’m the type of player you want to hang out with send me a message!



11th Jun 2020 - 5:37pm

I'd give you the whole spiel about what my group does, but I'm under the impression you don't like things hiding under a layer of bullshit.

I'm looking for someone with exactly the caliber of your personality, and I'll give a brief description of my group.

We're a group thematic to Knighthood with a pseudo-militaristic vibe dedicated to "defending the meek" and what-not. It's mostly based out of Discord, so that's one of the few requirements. We have a process to keep out the riff-raff, but if you happen to be interested I'm thinking of going a different route for you. I'd appreciate a conversation with you, if you haven't already found a place to belong, I think you could find a nice place among the weirdo's I've gathered.


29th May 2020 - 12:52pm


AceClan.ORG was founded as a Multi-Gaming military stylised clan in March 2019 on the basis that everyone deserves a welcome and friendly atmosphere when they play games.

There are virtually no prerequisites to joining AceClan so long as you are aged 13 or over and willing to get involved, we are an English speaking clan.

We play COD and apex! We'd love it if you check out our:


29th May 2020 - 3:55am

We are an online gaming community that participates across all gaming platforms. We are a fun, laid-back gaming community that welcomes both casual & competitive gamers. Our community offers weekly meetings and game nights. Meetings are held once a week to keep everyone informed of changes within the community and bring everyone together to build that bound and truly become a family. Meetings also give you a chance to voice your opinion on a change that would need to bring to the council. Phoenix Gaming Network holds multiple game nights a week to continue to build that bond and keep everyone gaming together. No man gets left behind in Phoenix Gaming Network.  

We are a 16+ community   if your interested please contact me on discord   PGN JuStEvEs(1LT)#6823