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No Heart Esports is Searching for Coaches and Analysts!


Listing Information

Hello everyone!

No Heart Esports is currently searching for some coaches and analysts for our Xbox and Playstation rosters. Details are listed below.


- Please be 18+. The org itself isn't 18+, but we would like for our coaches/analysts to be adults for maturity reasons.

- Have some sort of credentials in coaching or being an analyst. We want people with experience.

- Be committed. You don't need to pour in every hour of every day, but we are looking for people who are able to help out enough that it makes a difference. 

- Have actual experience in the game. Something about your resume should tell us that you're the type of person we're looking for, skill wise.

- Don't expect to be paid (yet)! We are currently still pretty new, and we need to focus on winning tournaments first and earning money before anyone gets paid by the org itself; do not ask to be paid. It will come with time. This is a volunteer-type thing.

- Please have discord and a mic. 

Interested? Want more details? Please join our recruitment discord, or DM Pesty#0783 on discord.