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Hi looking for a squad and some new friends for modern warfare 2 and warzone 2 I’m 33yo from the UK I work Monday to Friday the 9 to 5  I’m an extremely casual player just looking for some like minded similar situation people to chill and have a laugh with I don’t care what your rank or KD is I just play to relax after work 



22nd Sep 2023 - 4:34pm

Recently,I was also looking for buddies to play with and after some time finally found myself a solid party.Funnily enough we only had trouble deciding a name for our clan.Then one of my mate showed us after exploring the site we rapidly found our name.They helped with generating different titles,if you cannot put together your ideas it is a great place where u will find what's suited to you.Kudos to them!


14th Jun 2023 - 9:16am

Hey GHST404, I just wanted to add a comment to your post if you're still looking for a gaming community! 

I'm part of Tactical Gaming's MW2 Division (EU Battalion) so am from the UK also. We have quite a lot in our EU side from the UK also so it may be somewhere you could consider. We do have casual squads as well as semi-competitive and competitive so if this is something you want to pursue later on then it's something you can utilise.

We do have dedicated practice evenings every Wednesday and Sunday from 8pm to 10pm but this doesn't mean you are limited to just playing these evenings as most play outside of these times also (we have a looking for player channel for this!)

If you want to know more, please let me know or you can check out the website or join our discord: