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New Destiny 2 player LFC to join


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I have been playing Destiny 2 for about 2 wks now. I was in a clan for about a week but I found it hard to find people to join in raids, nf, etc. I am looking to get involved in the clan and hopefully to get help as well when I have questions or need a group to join. I play everyday and looking forward to a close knit clan to join.


CHIEF Ekkstacee

11th Dec 2018 - 4:35am


If you're interested I have a clan around 30 members right now, and if you're looking for people to play with we have an lfg bot in our discord, and also play some activities together as well. I will let you know that I usually do raids with my friend group that is in the clan, but I am open to playing with the clan members when available!

Clan is called Republic City and we play on PC, we're also mostly in the California, PST timezone.

If we're not the right fit for you I hope you find a clan that you can join in on, and I hope you have fun! :)


6th Dec 2018 - 4:10pm

We are a casual Destiny 2 clan called Destruction Protøcol on PS4. We have a discord with chat streams for all activities. Just join if you play destiny as a casual player and want some people to play with. No requirements, except notify people if you are going to be inactive.


Join discord if you're interested and we'll get you in from there. 

We'd love to have you!


6th Dec 2018 - 2:20pm

The Knights of the Tenth Star is a growing clan, and are still looking to expand. We cater to all playstyles; Be it PvP Competitive or Casual - PvE Nightfalls, Raids, and Strikes - Or just to enjoy the company of like-minded Guardians.

We have a Chain of Command, and an organized ranking structure. Normally a new applicant will need to be at an Initiate (ITE) level before being placed into a company, but since we have been expanding, I will personally waive the ITE requirements for new members heading into Charlie Company.

We are an 18+ clan (but we do allow family members under 18) If this sounds like your thing, please check out our website ( and our Discord ( or feel free to send me a PM on BNET @ Solmourne#11547.

We look forward to all our new members!