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Need a VERY competitive r6 clan

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Hey, I’m fearless, not the youtuber, and I’m looking for a competitive r6 clan. I was currently just ranked gold 2 in the new season, and I’m looking for a new clan. This clan needs to be very active with practices at least once every week, and actually participates in tournaments. I am 13 and play on na-central servers. I hope to see me in your clan😉


Gravz Helldog

9th Jan 2020 - 12:01am

Sup, do you want to join Gravz Clan, we have been running for about a year now, we have 5 sponsors and enter tournaments for cash. Our clan channel is Gravz eSports. Our top player is a platinum (Pxnlx). Each player plays around 6 hours a day and our training day is Friday.


16th Dec 2019 - 11:13pm

Hey! I just started a clan to get a team to play with. We probably won’t be able to play in tourneys because I don’t have the time and we probably won’t do many practices because some people don’t like those but if we’re struggling really bad at one point or on a certain map we will practice. It’s ok if you don’t like this, I’m 14 and just looking for a solid team. What’s your kd?