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Need An OCE Fortnite Clan


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I'm a 14 year old pc gamer looker for a decently small Fortnite clan - I have over 375 wins on two accounts (I can prove that I fully own both accounts if needed) If you would like to see my skill in a playground 1v1 add me on discord - NogBog #4083



16th Dec 2018 - 9:15pm

Hey dude, I'm the leader of the clan Forge and I was wondering if you wanted to join! In Forge we do tournaments, we meet and play with other people, and have a fun time! Forge is a Semi casual clan, so we like to have fun and chill but we also do tourneys and try hard, lol. We're between the ages of 11-14! If you are intrested in joing forge then message me on discord:

Discord name and pin:


or join the clan discord:


Best of luck




11th Dec 2018 - 6:44pm ................................................... Hello there! We are a casual gaming clan who plays all sorts of games such as R6 Black Ops 4, Destiny and many more. You can also make suggestions on what games we can play too, so your vote counts! We play on PC, PS4 and XBOX, so we welcome everyone. We are small but are hoping to add more people to join us. We are run by a group of friends and are mainly looking for under 18's. (Yes, we tolerate squeakers.) We also like memes and more memes, so that’s always a plus. We mainly want European players but if you’re in an alternate continent, don’t be afraid to join, we welcome all! MUST BE ACTIVE

Well, what are you waiting for? Join the Outlaw Network, and be prepared to game in our community!

TeamSoloMid em…

11th Dec 2018 - 6:27am

sorry one we are not small two you cnat get are discord till your part of the clan but we just lost one of are casual game players so if you are intested you will reply to this email we will ask  questions if u pass that we put you with a all time pro with us TSM_Squid0831 and he will test you if u pass you are in- [email protected] 

look it up that is are real email