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Mature Gamer, seeks similar

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Im a mature gamer and an RAF veteran, No. 1 Squadron flying VTOL (Harriers) in the late 60's early 70's. I'm aged 75 and from the UK.

I was a member of a very good clan but my team was disbanded due to three players having dementia, 5 ended up in residential homes and nine died of old age.

I do have a drink problem, love the odd sherry and the old bladder don't perform like it used to, so often have to piddle during matches, maybe once, twice or three times a match.

I do occasionally use a zimmer frame, walking aid or if needed the electric scooter, however this does not have any impact on my gaming.

I would appreciate older players that are 65 years or older, no squeaky kids as I have 11 grand children that all scream and give me a headache, but at least I can give them back!

If you suffer from dementia, please dont message me! Nothing worse than playing with peope who can't remember what they are doing!!! Last old chap I played a match with went missing and was found wandering the town center in his "Y"  fronts two days later.

I'm widowed and miss my wife of 50 years dearly but if any of the blue rinse brigade want to get steamy in some 2v2 matches then by all means message me.

Look forward to hearing from you soon!


OAP Gamer

26th Jul 2021 - 1:29pm

Surely there must be more over 60's? Over 50's?

Drop your knitting needles or your garden shears, grab a few beers or a sherry and play some COD!!!